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ODM Chairman John Mbadi said that the Deputy President is setting the stage to disagree with the results of the polls.

The Orange Democratic Movement Party (ODM) on Thursday told off Deputy President William Ruto over his remarks on rigging of the August 9 General Election.

In a statement made at the party’s headquarters at Chungwa House Nairobi, ODM chairman John Mbadi said that the DP is setting stage to disagree with the results of the polls.

“I think Ruto is trying to set the stage to dispute the outcome of the presidential elections. Ruto told us not long ago that his votes cannot be stolen. He told us even if Raila Odinga makes his brother Oburu Odinga chairman of the IEBC, he will go ahead and win,” Mbadi stated.

“Raila has not done that. But there’s now crying insisting that the election is going to be stolen. The question I want to ask is, what is Ruto telling us?” Mbadi posed.

Deputy President William Ruto in the US. PHOTO: DP Ruto Twitter page

The Suba South MP wondered if the second in command is insinuating that he has been participating in rigged elections previously.

This comes after President Uhuru Kenyatta declared his support for the ODM leader in the upcoming election.

According to the Minority Leader in the National Assembly, the Head of State is a voter and has the democratic right to cast his vote.

“It is his democratic right. Uhuru is a Kenyan. He is  voter. He is still going to live in this country,” Mbadi concluded.

The Deputy President on Wednesday stated in the US that there is a plan to compel Kenyans into making pre-determined decisions.