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Kingi sparked speculations on his allegiance to the DP after he missed his rallies.

Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi has broken his silence about why he missed Deputy President William Ruto's rallies in the Coast region.

Kingi, who recently ditched Azimio La Umoja for Ruto's camp, was conspicuously missing as the DP crisscrossed the region in the hunt for votes.

Revealing why he was absent, Kingi has divulged that he had a family issue to attend to.

He downplayed the existence of differences that led to him missing the rallies.

“For seven days now I have been out of the region so I did not just cancel the DPs programme but even my own programme. I have cancelled several county functions because I had family issues to attend to,” he said as quoted by a local daily.

{Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi. IMAGE: COURTESY}

He also said the DP was aware of the reason behind his absence.

“As we speak I am not done yet. I am just around for a day then I go back.

Ruto pitched tents in the Coast region from Friday to Sunday.

Kingi's absence from the DP's rally sparked speculations with a section of Kenyans alleging the existence of bad blood between him and the Kenya Kwanza Alliance.

The move by his PAA party leaders to miss the rally further exacerbated the allegations.