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  • Kenyan comedian David the student who now resides in the USA was a victim of racial attacks
  • The comedian who doubles as a driver for a cab service was racially attacked by a White American

Kenyan comedian David Kangongo alias the student has received support from Americans after a man hurled racial slurs at him.

The racist American man and his wife ordered a can (Lyft) and David was their driver. He requested the two to wear a mask but they refused and the man started hurling racial slurs at him.

In the video, the man repeatedly yells at the driver (David), shouting racist terms at him. The woman he’s with – who is also recording – tells him to stop.

David can be heard in the video telling the passengers to wear their masks.

Towards the end of the video, the man threatens to urinate in David's car.

In a statement, Lyft said they have permanently banned the rider, noting racism would not be tolerated.

The man’s employer also posted on Facebook saying he had been fired.

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