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Relatives of the late constable Hudson Wakise has stated that his marital troubles stemmed from the Dusit attack in Nairobi, 2019.

Relatives of police constable Hudson Wakise who was attached to the security detail of Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i have attributed his marital troubles to the 2019 Dusit attack in Nairobi.

One of his relatives revealed that Wakise was part of the Recce Squad team that went into the building to neutralise the assailants and rescue people.

Speaking to the media on April 7, 2021. the relative stated that after the attack, the officer's marriage started to deteriorate.

File image of Police Constable Hudson Wakise. |Courtesy| Twitter|

They stated that he suffered an injury to the head that traumatised him and resulted in a sudden change in his behaviour.

“I don’t know if he was drinking with his colleagues in the past but since his involvement in the attack, there was a notable increase in his alcohol consumption," one relative revealed.

"His relationship with his wife also suffered, forcing us to intervene to reconcile them on several occasions."

Another relative revealed that the wife, Pauline Wekesa had made complaints that Wakise had become violent.

It was also revealed that from a series of chats on his phone, Pauline suspected he was cheating and moved out of their matrimonial home prior to the murder-suicide.

In his condolence message yesterday, Interior CS Fred Matiang'i noted that psychological issues faced by officers had become a matter of grave concern.

"I am deeply pained by the tragic incident involving PC Hudson Wakise and his wife PC Pauline Wakasa both young and vibrant Police officers with brilliant futures tragically ended in their shocking demise," Matiang'i wrote.

"It's a rude awakening to psychosocial challenges amongst some of our young officers that we have no choice but to now pay greater attention to.

"My sincere condolences to their families and friends," Matiang'i mourned.

Collage image of constable Hudson Wakise and his wife, police constable Pauline Wekesa. |Photo| Courtesy|