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The deceased is said to have been embroiled in a fight with a man believed to be another lover of the girlfriend he visited.

A 20-year-old student of Kirinyaga University died on Tuesday morning, after falling from the third floor of an apartment in Juja, Kiambu county. 

The second-year student Tylon Mbuthia is said to have visited his girlfriend Magaret Nyambura, a first-year student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), when a fight ensued leading to his death.

The tragedy occurred at Lantana Apartments in Juja.

In what appears to be a love triangle case, the deceased is said to have been embroiled in a fight with a man believed to be another lover of the girlfriend he visited.

How it started

On arrival at his girlfriend's house on Sunday, the deceased, his lover Margaret Nyambua together with Margaret’s roommate only identified as Shantel and another man identified as Joe Momanyi engaged in partying activities that involved the drinking of alcohol.

DCI boss George Kinoti says the celebrations went through to Monday.

It is on Monday that things started going south after they were joined by another man identified as Brian Andaki, a fourth-year student at JKUAT who is believed to have also been dating Margaret.

Margaret introduced the deceased to Brian as her cousin who had paid her a visit after the latter inquired.

Brian joined the group and they continued partying and having drinks until they felt the need to buy food to cool their hungry stomachs. 

Shantel was overwhelmed by alcohol and stayed in the house as the four left to look for food.

"Once outside, they found the nearby eatery already closed and decided to continue partying at a nearby joint. At around 1 am, the four staggered back to Margaret’s bedsitter," DCI said.

It is while scaling the flights of the stairs that Brian realized he was shortchanged by his lover. The cousin was his girlfriends' other lover.

An argument ensued between Brian and the deceased leading to the tragedy.

"The two are believed to have fought at Margaret’s door before the deceased landed on the ground floor under mysterious circumstances," DCI said. 

According to the apartment’s caretaker Dan Guchu, he was woken up by a loud thud and when he rushed outside,  he found the deceased’s body sprawled on the ground floor.

He immediately alerted detectives based at DCI Juja, who rushed to the scene and found the deceased’s body bearing multiple fractures, with blood oozing from his mouth and nose.

Investigations into the death of the 2nd year Kirinyaga University student have since been launched.

Meanwhile, Margaret Nyambura, Brian Andaki and Joe Momanyi remain in custody as the main suspects, as experts from the Homicide branch join their Juja-based counterparts, to unravel the mystery.