Editor's Review

  • High electrical bills force Kenyans to seek cheaper alternatives
  • This move leaves Kenya Power dealing wth huge loses

Knocked with high electricity bills and unstable power supply Kenyans have opted to turn to solar energy leaving KPLC in troubled waters.

The growing shift to solar power also by heavy-consuming industrialists seeking dependable and cheaper supply has rattled Kenya Power amid decreasing revenues.

Kenya Power admitted that some of its industrial customers who account for about 54.8 per cent of its sales revenues are moving to own-generated solar power.

The big shift to solar power by heavy consumers has pushed Kenya Power into a deeper dilemma in the wake of excess production of electricity.

Solar Energy

Kiambu County made the progressive shift and sign Ksh120 million deal with Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Corporation (REREC).

Disclosures to Parliament by the Treasury shows the electricity monopoly returned a net loss of Sh2.98 billion in the financial year ended June 2020.

More Kenyans are now turning to solar power every year rather than make connections to the country’s electric grid.

This is due to a number of challenges that one faces when connecting to the national grid the first and foremost being costs of such a setup and also the high cost of buying power from Kenya Power.