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The altercation started after Senator Sakaja hailed praises on ODM boss Raila Odinga

Nairobi County Senator Jonhson Sakaja and Suna East MP Junet Mohamed were on Wednesday, involved in a heated Twitter exchange.

This was after Senator Sakaja hailed ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga, terming him as his political father.

Sakaja in a captured quote said he has a lot of respect for the ODM chief as he remains the only leader to have gone to his home and celebrated with him his son's birthday.

Sakaja said he has no issues with Raila Odinga despite being in an opposing political camp.

"Raila Odinga is like a father to me. Of all leaders, Raila Odinga is the only one who has come to my home for my son's birthday. His role in Kenya's history cannot be erased. I respect him" stated

However, in a quick response, Junet Mohamed appreciated Sakaja's kind remarks on Raila but went ahead to remind the UDA candidate that as Azimio la Umoja camp, they are going to bypass him and elect Jubilee party candidate Polycarp Igathe as the next Nairobi county governor.

The ODM MP said Raila and his supporters will ensure that Igathe, who will be competing with Sakaja, is elected.

"That’s nice. Raila deserves respect but Azimio and Raila supporters will vote for Polycap Igathe on 9th August 2022," read Junet's response.

The seemingly irked Sakaja took on Junet head-on. 

{Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja}

Sakaja reminded Junet that Nairobi county residents are not all 'cows' and will make their independent decisions adding that Junet should instead, concentrate on arranging his Migori county in order.

"They are not all cows bro. The people of Nairobi have the ability to make their own decisions as they have done in the past. Panga Migori" replied Sakaja

The unrelenting Junet took on Sakaja, saying they are going to bring to a stop Sakaja's politics of conmanship. Junet accused Sakaja of running on a UDA ticket but riding on Raila Odinga's back to get votes in Nairobi. He reminded Sakaja to keep his lanes.

"Ndugu I know they are not all cows but as Azimio we want to resist the politics of conman ship of running on a UDA ticket and at the same time want to ride on Baba’s name. Lanes" added Junet.

Sakaja who is running on a UDA ticket will face off with Polycarp Igathe of the Jubilee party under the Azimio camp.

This was after West Lands MP Tim Wanyonyi and businessman Richard Ngati were convinced to step down in favour of Igathe.