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Diana Chepkemoi's life in the gulf took a different turn all to her detriment.

On Saturday, September 3, Kenyans took to social media to sympathise with a Kenyan lady said to be stranded in Saudi Arabia.

Diana Chepkemoi, a continuing student at Meru University, flew to the gulf country to take up a job opportunity.

Sources indicate that her family's humble background informed her decision to travel; her family was not in a position to pay her university fees.

Her stay however in the country took a different turn to her detriment.

She is said to have been mistreated by her employer(s) who are also said to have seized her passport and phone.

Everything went south to the detriment of Diana Chepkemoi upon her arrival in Saudi Arabia. Photo: Courtesy.

Kenyans called on the administration in Nairobi and Riyadh to look into the young lady's plight and bring her back home.

They also pleaded with authorities to examine the agents who hand over Kenyans to the rogue employers.

Chepkemoi and her plight were among the trending topics on Twitter on Saturday.

Below are sampled reactions from the microblogging platform;

"I am saddened by images believed to be those of Diana Chepkemoi - a Kenyan graduate who sought greener pastures that were never in Saudi Arabia. Diplomatic relations remain cordial but our people are enslaved," Stephen Mutoro.

"DCI, it is useless for you to write us threads here every day if you can't arrest those agents who are engaging in modern slavery in the guise of "work abroad". You claim to be recognized internationally, time to use those connections," Kiprono.

"Diana Chepkemoi went to Saudi Arabia thinking she'll make the ends meet only to be mistreated there. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Peter Ogego should be ashamed of himself and resign immediately. If this was her daughter how could he feel?" Rainey Tamsin.

"Saidia Arabia! it seems to be a death sentence for our girls going there. How do you explain that the first & second frames represent the same person?... We've our ambassador  Peter Ogego just sitting on his work. Let's #BringBackDianaChepkemoi she suffered enough." Moturi.

"Enough is enough! Diana Chepkemoi is suffering through harsh conditions in Saudi! Sadly, she is emaciated! If you believe we can save her from hell, please," Budhi Star.

Cases of Kenyans flying to the gulf nations where they are later enslaved have been on the rise.

In worst-case events, many have been flown back home while dead after enduring hostility in the hands of their bosses.