Editor's Review

She exited KTN in August 2018 to join BBC. 

Former KTN Journalist Fathiya Mohamed Nur has quit the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) barely four years after joining. 

In an internal communication to BBC staff, Fathiya Nur's last day will be on Friday 27th May. 

Interestingly, Fathiya will be rejoining KTN as a Reporter/Anchor. 

"Just to let you know that after close to 4 years of great work, Fathiya Nur will be leaving the BBC. Her last day is tomorrow the 27th of May.  Fathiya has been a researcher with the Breakdown team( formerly FactFinder) and was quite brilliant in her work.

"Most of the time she stepped up and did BJ duties with great efficiency and professionalism. She is very passionate about fact-checking and did a good job on that. She also took opportunities to present the program whenever the main presenter was unavailable," part of the email read. 

{Fathiya Mohamed Nur}

Fathiya exited KTN in August 2018 to join the British media house. 

"To new beginnings! Alhamdulillah, what a blessing! It's been a great journey, Grateful to all who supported me but Special thanks to Ali Manzu and Noah Otieno for their support and always pushing me to greater heights," she said at the time.