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The gain coincided with the power blackout as Kenya Power is also known as Kenya Power and Lighting Company or simply KPLC.  

The nationwide power outage witnessed in the country on Tuesday, January 11 was not only a topic in Kenya but beyond after an American journalist was waded into the controversy surrounding the outage. 

It all started when journalist Ben Terry of KPLC-TV 7 in Louisiana noticed an influx of Twitter followers from Kenya just moments after the outage was confirmed.  

The gain coincided with the power blackout in the country, interestingly Tery had similar acronyms on his handle as Kenya Power also known as Kenya Power and Lighting Company or simply KPLC 

In a Tweet where he addressed the same, Terry made fun of his new followers hoping that they would like weather updates from South West of Louisiana. 

"I just gained several Twitter followers from Kenya over the past 24 hours. Just so you know, I am not associated with the KPLC that is Kenya Power and Light Company for future reference

"However, I hope you do like weather updates for Southwest Louisiana. Welcome aboard," he wrote.   

The journalist also clarified that there is no affiliation between the media station and Kenya Power, further explaining the acronym. 

"Yes sir! We are a TV station in the United States. All TV stations in America west of the Mississippi River begin with the letter “K.”

"The other letters stand for Port of Lake Charles (PLC). It’s just a coincidence it’s the same acronym as Kenya Power and Light. No affiliation," Terry wrote. 


On Tuesday, Kenya Power confirmed the blackout stating that it was due to a collapsed tower along the Kiambere-Embakasi high voltage transmission line. 

"We have lost power supply due to collapsed towers on the Kiambere - Embakasi high voltage transmission power line at 10.45 am this morning

"Our engineers are working to restore electricity supply as the repairs are being undertaken. An update on the restoration progress will be issued in due course," the statement read in part.

Kenyans were not left behind as they thronged his comment section with hilarious responses;