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Junet Mohamed recorded the statement with the DCI alongside MPs Babu Owino (Embakasi East) and John Mbadi (Suba South).

Suna East MP Junet Mohamed has given details of his statement with the DCI after being summoned over the stoning of ODM leader Raila Odinga’s helicopter.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday afternoon at DCI headquarters, the lawmaker said that they told the police about what happened in a statement of almost ten pages.

“We have shared with the police what we know. We gave them a statement of almost ten pages on what happened that day when we arrived there and how we were almost being killed there,” Junet stated.

He maintained that the incident was a serious matter calling on the police to take the necessary action after analyzing the statement.

{Raila Odinga Chopper that was stoned on Friday. IMAGE: JUNET MOHAMED TWITTER}

Junet was summoned alongside MPs John Mbadi (Suba South) and Babu Owino (Embakasi East), who were all present during the incident at Uasin Gishu County.

On his part, Babu Owino said that they saw the face of death on that day.

“Tuliona sura ya kifo. Kifo iko na sura mbaya sana,” he stated.

Mbadi said that the youths in the incident behaved like people who had received training on security drills. He urged the police to dig deep into the matter.

"What we expect from the government is simple, dig deep into this matter. If you saw those youths, the way they were behaving and conducting themselves and communicating, it is clear that someone had organized this,” he stated.