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The Democratic Party (DP) has taken action after it's leader Justin Muturi joined the Kenya Kwanza Alliance.

The Democratic Party (DP) has swung into action moments after National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi joined the Kenya Kwanza Alliance.

The party on Saturday, April 9 wrote to the Registrar of Political Parties to reject the move by the party’s leader.

DP’s secretary-general Wambugu Nyamu was among politicians allied to the party who took the action after Muturi’s move.

Nyamu said that DP party agreed during its National Delegates Convention not to join any political outfit ahead of the upcoming general election. Any coalition agreement was to be done after the polls.

{Speaker Justin Muturi signing the agreement with Kenya Kwanza Alliance. IMAGE: DP TWITTER}

“Having attended the NDC, we are therefore surprised by the announcement by the Party leader Justin Muturi this morning that the Party has joined the Kenya Kwanza Coalition in complete violation, disregard and subversion of the will of the party members as conveyed in the resolutions of the NDC,” the letter stated partly.

Mr. Muturi joined the Deputy President William Ruto outfit on Saturday, April 9 saying that a section of people wanted him to move in a particular direction that he was not interested in.

He, however, stated that he had done consultations before making his move.

“Ata mimi sipangwingwi. Wale walikua wanafikiria wanaeza kunipanga poleni. Hii miaka yangu hainiruhusu kupangwa na mtu," Mr. Muturi stated.