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Gachoki was days ago marked as a dangerous and most wanted person.

The main suspect in the fatal shooting that occurred in Mirema Court in Kasarani weeks ago has been released.

The shooting left suspected thug Samuel Mugoh Muvota dead.

Dennis Karani Gachoki was set free following a lack of insufficient evidence to charge him.

The DPP told the court there was no evidence linking him to Mirema's murder.

Gachoki was days ago marked as a dangerous and most wanted person even as they called on Kenyans to take note of his identity.

According to the prosecution, Karani is Suspected to have been the person who drove the car in which the man who shot Muvota entered and escaped from the crime scene.

{Dennis Gachoki in court. IMAGE: COURTESY}

"This crime was committed by more than one actor. The man here before the court is suspected to be the man behind the wheel," the prosecutor told the court.

The Suspect is said to have disappeared from Nairobi and went to hide the firearm that was involved in the shooting.

An officer attached to the Directorate of Criminal investigations in Kasarani said they need more time to travel to Mombasa, Nakuru and Kiambu where they suspect the firearm used in the killing is hidden.

"It's in the interest of justice, the family of the deceased are still mourning and when we wanted to record their statements we were unable because they are still traumatised," he said.

The court also heard that Gachoki was in Nakuru, where he is suspected to have hidden his identification card and mobile phone.

Gachoki denied the murder charges and said he is ready for investigations to be done.