Editor's Review

The two men are said to have visited Agano party offices and requested to see Mr. Mwaure. 

Agano Party presidential aspirant David Mwaure Waihiga has written to Interior CS Fred Matiang’i over his security after two strangers visited his office.

In a statement to newsrooms, Agano acting secretary general Josiah Nyamu said that two men turned up at the party’s presidential secretariat requesting to see Mwaure.

Nyamu stated that the duo, Abdrahman Mohamed Tarar and Ibrahim Abdullahi Mohamed, said that they were from Garissa and wanted to be Mwaure’s agents.

When asked on how they knew the Agano presidential candidate, they said that they were referred by a man identified as Mr. Mohammed.

“Last Friday two (2) people turned up at the Secretariat of our presidential campaigns and asked to see Mr. Mwaure Waihiga stating that they were from Garissa and they wanted to be his agents in the region.

{David Mwaure (left) with his running mate Ruth Mutua.}

“On being asked how they knew about Mr. Mwaure Waihiga, they said they were referred by a Mr. Mohammed and on further questioning, they were not ready to give more details,” read part of the statement signed by Nyamu.

He further said that when the two were followed closely by Mwaure’s security, they were heard talking to someone on call saying that they were not allowed to see Mwaure.

The party demanded urgent investigation into the matter to ascertain the identities of the men and who they were working with.

The Mwaure-led party further demanded for high level security to the party presidential candidate and his running mate at their residential places and on their planned countrywide tours.

Nyamu further stated that the party demanded the travel costs and upkeep of the security be met as it is done for other candidates.