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The President-elect has sent out a message to the Supreme Court judges.

President-elect William Ruto has expressed his gratitude to the 7-judge bench of the Supreme Court after its decision to uphold his victory.

Addressing the nation from Karen on Monday, September 5, after the ruling, Ruto said that the judges listened to all parties and considered all issues before giving the judgement.

“I salute the judges of the Supreme Court who have performed their duty with utmost fidelity to the constitution. They listened to all parties, considered all issues, applied the law and demonstrated their learning, impartiality and patriotism,” Ruto stated.

The President-elect stated that the professionalism of the judges elevated the stature of the judiciary in legitimizing the election results as the people’s decision.

The 7-judge bench of the Supreme Court .

The outgoing Deputy President further thanked the judiciary for staying strong and shining a beacon for the rule of law.

“I welcome the Supreme Court’s verdict with tremendous humility. I thank the Judiciary for staying strong as the shining beacon of constitutionalism and the rule of law,” Ruto stated.

Ruto also sent out a message of goodwill to his competitors in the last presidential election as he wished them a spirit of love for the country and selfless service.

“Waihiga Mwaure and Ruth Mucheru, George Wajackoyah and Justina Wamae, Hon Raila Odinga and Hon Martha Karua, may the spirit of love for country and selfless service lie long in your hearts and may God always remember you,” Ruto stated.