Editor's Review

Isaac Ruto has not been seen in public since he lost the Bomet gubernatorial race to Dr. Hillary Barchok. 

Former Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto has explained his absence from the public since the last general election. 

In an interview on Citizen TV on Tuesday, September 20, Isaac noted that he had flu that kept him out of public for sometime. 

"I want to thank the people of Bomet for the support they gave me in the last election. I want to assure them that I'm now back and healthy. I had flu that kept me out of the public limelight for a bit of time," Isaac stated. 

The former Governor was addressing matters of devolution at the County levels especially some of the challenges new Governors are facing in office. 

"A lot of these governors get into office and don’t even read the handover reports. We have counties that have not completed the construction of offices that were started 7-8 years ago. 

"The management of public service at the counties has not been addressed, it has remained ad hoc, For devolution to succeed governors have to start developing a proper & workable public service that is respected," Isaac said. 

File image of Dr. Hillary Barchok being sworn in as the Bomet Governor. 

He also said that the constitution does not give any clear roles to deputy Governors stating, " a deputy governor is basically a standby spare wheel for the governor." 

Isaac lost the Bomet Gubernatorial race to Hillary Barchok who took over the office following the demise of the second governor Dr. Joyce Laboso. 

Barchok won the gubernatorial race with 158,798 votes ahead of Ruto who garnered 137,325 votes.