Editor's Review

The presidential candidate asked Kenyans to help him financially to foot his campaigns.

With only 35 days to the August 9 polls, Agano presidential candidate Mwaure Waihiga and his runningmate Ruth Mucheru have appealed to Kenyans to fund their campaigns. 

The two leaders while launching their manifesto in Nairobi on Monday asked Kenyans to support them even as they kick off their hunt for the presidency.

Mucheru said they have fought to be where they are despite their weak financial muscle.

"The presidential race attracted over 50 candidates, many of whom are better financially, well-connected than we are, but by God's grace we are one of the four," she said.

{Agano Party presidential candidate Mwaure Wahiga with his running mate Ruth Mucheru Mutua on July 4, 2022.}

"Today, as we launch our manifesto we are not asking for you we're not only asking for your votes, we are asking you to fund our campaign. We'll go where the people will take it."

Waihiga on his part said the launch of their manifesto at a small venue is because they don't have money to afford big arenas.

"We are at a small venue because that is what we could afford. We are not State-sponsored or funded by taxpayers' money or interest groups with ill intentions," he said.

Waihiga is the fourth and the last presidential candidate to launch his presidential bid manifesto.

IEBC has cleared only four candidates to vie for the top seat.

ODM leader Raila Odinga who is vying for the Azimio ticket launched his manifesto in early June.

Deputy President William Ruto vying for the UDA party and Root Party's candidate George Wajackoyah launched their manifesto on June 30.

The four will be locking horns in their bid to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.