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Both Wajackoyah and Raila vied for the presidency in the August 9, polls and lost.

Roots Party leader George Wajackoyah on Monday shared an image of his meeting with Azimio leader Raila Odinga.

The meeting seemingly happened after Wajackoyah visited the ODM leader at his Karen home.

In statement after the meeting, Wajackoyah rekindled the contribution made by Raila during the fight for multi-party democracy.

He also acknowledge Raila for standing with him at the hour of need.

"I did the listening. He is one of the greatest human beings. We started the path and he acknowledged my contribution and the fight against Moi while I was in exile," Wajackoyah tweeted on Tuesday.

Both Wajckoyah and Raila vied for the presidency in the August 9 polls.

Raila was came second after garnering 6.9 million votes.

Wajackoyah was third with less than 100,000 votes.

President William Ruto won the elections after garnering 7.1 million votes.

The roots party leader was a sensation with his pledge to legalise marijuana.

He style of campaign and simplicity made him a popular figure in the country even though it could not reflect at the ballot as one would expect.

Wajackoyah during the era of president Daniel Moi was forced to leave Kenya for security reasons and he stayed abroad for years before coming back.

He was DCI officer when he left the country but while abroad, he studied law which he currently practices.