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Willy Paul response comes after Diana B had said Willy Paul is jealous of her success following her entry into music.

Barely an hour after rapper Diana Bahati, now christened Diana B, accused Willy Paul of hating on him because of her "Hatutaachana" song success, the "I do" hitmaker has responded.

In a message on his Instagram page, which he has since deleted, the singer warned Diana B against attacking him saying he won't hesitate to disparage her.

The singer also accused Diana B and her husband Bahati of buying YouTube views adding that he is far ahead of the rapper. 

{Bahati and his Wife Diana. Image: Courtesy}

"Diana, unajua mambo yetu. Please be very careful with what you say about me. Just because bwana yako ametoa shilingi tatu akakunulia views kama yeye...Isikudanganye. Hatutishani an hatutawahi toshana an wewe. Bishana an Queen P. Lets leave it at that. Endelea an comedy yako an mimi nisukume album yangu," he said.

The response comes after Diana B had an interview with a local station where she said Willy Paul is jealous of her success following her entry into music.

"How did his last song do? I released a song three days ago and it has already hit three million views on YouTube. This guy has been in the industry for so long but I have just joined the music industry literally three days ago and numbers don't lie.

"I just feel like he is hating because I am ahead of him and it has just been three days while he has been here for yea. Let him just give me a break," she said.

Diana was unveiled as a rapper on Sunday, November 28, in an event dubbed Bahati's Big Reveal.

Her maiden song Hututaachana has set a record after hitting a million views in three days, making her the first female artist to achieve the fete.